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Our specialty since 1995.

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3D Animation

Already in 1995 we specialized in the production of 3D animations, because the almost unlimited possibilities fascinate us again and again. The 3D technology is developing daily and we are a part of it. Every imaginable visualization has become realizable.

Product presentations – convincing and realistic

No matter how big your product is or how it looks, we can depict it photorealistically in its natural environment or detached from it. In many cases, these product visualizations also replace a cost-intensive photo shoot. In a 3D animation, colors, material properties, virtual camera perspectives and much more can be changed without much effort. Even interactive applications are possible, such as a product configurator.

Abstractions explain more

Present complex processes in a simple and tangible way. These are tasks that we can easily implement with the help of 3D animation. In our explanatory films or infomercials, we often work with stylized 3D graphics in a neutral environment – this way we can focus on your product and its comprehensibility.
Abstractions explain more

Education in the medical field

Education in the medical field

Ein Beispiel sind medizinische 3D Animationen, bei denen es darum geht, zu informieren, aufzuklären und Ängste zu nehmen. Wir visualisieren Wirkstoffe, den menschlichen Körper oder neue Produkte und Operationsmethoden.

An eye-catcher at trade fairs

At trade fairs our 3D animations are often used as eye-catchers to attract attention.

Many media options

Our work is impressive even on a simple monitor. We are also happy to use new technologies such as touch screens, interactive projections or projection-mapping for presentations.

Modeling according to construction plans, sketches or photos

We model your product, even if it does not yet exist. On the basis of construction plans, sketches or photos we provide a convincing presentation. Each of our 3D animations can be enhanced with GEMA-free or customized music, sound effects, 2D animations, professional narration or real film elements.

Render farm for fastest data processing

Our work is supported by the RebusFarm – the largest commercial 3D render farm in the world with over 3,000 latest-generation Xeon CPUs. Thus, we can guarantee you high-quality 3D animations or 3D images in gigantic print resolution even with short project durations.
Render farm for fastest data processing

3D Animation Gallery

Images from our 3D animations. You can find more information in our portfolio.

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„Do you have questions about our 3D animations? Here are a few answers. We would also be happy to advise you personally about the unlimited possibilities of 3D animation.“


Our 3D animations and 3D visualizations are individually tailored to your needs. Each project has a different input, effort and process. Therefore you will not find a price list on our site. However, due to our long experience we can give you a realistic cost estimate after a first meeting. We calculate our projects as cost effective as possible. Therefore we like to work out a concept together with our customers which meets all requirements and the budget.

Our specialization in 3D animations allows us to find impressive solutions that are nevertheless affordable. We can also quickly identify complex ideas with little effect and offer more impressive alternatives – without having to make compromises. If our customer can provide 3D design data, this reduces the effort enormously. The technologies we work with every day are constantly evolving. Animations are calculated on our RenderFarm within hours where others take weeks. The infrastructure in the field of 3D animation is also developing rapidly. Supporting 3D models of the highest quality can be purchased cheaply.

3D animation can be magical but it is no longer magic. And our products are cheaper than you think. We are happy to advise you.


In order to estimate the cost of your 3D project, you need to know approximately the content and sequence of the animation. We would be happy to develop a concept for you. Just describe your product and the purpose of the 3D animation. The more information we get from you the more precise we can estimate the effort and the costs for your 3D animation. Information e.g. about the target group of your product or service, the desired duration of the animation, the location or an existing corporate identity is very helpful but never necessary. Is there a deadline? When does the 3D animation have to be finalized?

Many of our customers can provide 3D design data of their products. The 3D modeling effort is then very low. The animation will then be much cheaper. We can also model your product using photos, a prototype or rough drawings. We would be pleased to visit you and ask for the necessary information on site. At any time we will process your inquiries about our 3D products by mail and phone.


Every 3D animation must be calculated. Light and shadow, realistic reflections or fine structures like leaves or hair are not yet output in realtime. From our 3D software we output the animation as a sequence of images. One second of animation almost always consists of 25 single images. Depending on how complex the content of an image is, how high the resolution is, which textures and light sources were chosen – a high-quality image renders on average 20-30 minutes.

A stylized non-photorealistic animation is calculated faster on average. A 3D animation with a length of 2 minutes needs 3,000 single images. With an average render time of 30 minutes, the whole sequence would be calculated for 90,000 minutes. So one of our modern working computers would calculate the sequence for about 2 months. We can fall back on the RebusFarm. Here, the sequence is calculated simultaneously by many hundreds of computers of the latest generation. So what theoretically takes months can be realized practically within hours.

Nevertheless a lot of energy is used. The computers are very powerful and therefore expensive. Each computer is also equipped with licensed 3D software. So that all computers can easily work together on a 3D animation, we developed our own software. All this causes high costs. The rendering costs consist of all these factors. Nevertheless the rendering costs are very reasonable for our customers. People from all over the world render their 3D animations 24/7 on the computers of RebusFarm. We use only a small part of the power.

How high are the rendering costs for your 3D animation? We make fixed prices. The rendering costs are fixed for you even before the project starts. We are happy to advise you.


Of course this depends on the content of the 3D animation. But it also depends on your schedule. Is there a certain time when your 3D animation has to be finished? If it’s possible – then we can do it. We can rely on an experienced and dedicated team. And if necessary we turn night into day. We can also handle time-critical projects more easily thanks to the RebusFarm.

The average production time is about 4 weeks for medium-sized projects. Smaller projects can be „put off“ at any time. Please give us a rough description of your project – e.g. on the phone. We can then estimate not only the costs but also the production time quite accurately.


We buy all licenses for you. So that we can transfer all rights and licenses to you after payment of our work. This applies to the rights to image, music and spoken text. So you are free to decide when, how and where to use your 3D animation. There are no running and no hidden costs. We also negotiate the licenses in such a way that there are no restrictions
for the product developed by us.

Sounds natural? But it is not always. We will be happy to advise you personally.


First of all, we provide you with a free and non-binding cost estimate. For this we need some information from you. If you agree with the costs and the production period – you will receive a binding offer from us. This will also describe the content, the process and the graphic style of your 3D animation. This defines the rough framework. Within this frame we can adjust the sequence and content of the animation together during production.

We create images – you can see our work. So we can optically adjust and release work steps. At the beginning of the production phase, our customers often receive rendered single images of their 3D animation. This way, the quality of the images, the materials and colors can be recognized, determined and approved. The animation – we initially show the movement of the objects only in reduced quality. In combination with the rendered single images a complete overall picture of the final animation is created. Our 3D animations are supported with music and 2D graphics such as text. You can make changes to the 3D animation using the preview videos and the rendered still images. Depending on the scope of the project, we agree on a certain number of preview phases. After you have finalized and approved the preview animations and the still images – we start rendering the entire 3D animation.

The final animation is then optimized in post production/compositing and merged with music, sound effects, narration and supporting 2D graphics to create a convincing overall work.
We deliver the 3D animation in any file format and size.


Yes, for example, if we have created a 3 minute animation for you – we can shorten it afterwards. If we have created an English 3D animation for you, we can translate it into another language. Should a logo be exchanged? Has the design of a machine changed? Should colors be adapted? No problem at all.

Most changes can be made quickly, easily and inexpensively in compositing. For some changes, the existing 3D animation must be modified. Then a part of the 3D sequence has to be re-rendered. This is a bit more complex – but possible at any time.

We keep your project data for an unlimited period of time.


We are very happy to do that. A virtual tour in your new object and a virtual laboratory – and all this on the Ipad? No problem. A 360° view of your product on a mobile Android system? We do! A product configurator with connection to your WordPress webshop? Please contact us.

3D animation does not have to be linear. At trade fairs, a small technical gimmick in combination with our animations can have an impressive effect. We ourselves are always interested in using our work as versatile as possible. Terms such as virtual reality, gesture control, projection mapping and holograms have sounded particularly beautiful to us.

We are happy to advise you on these and other topics. Benefit from our many years of experience.

„Here and in our Portfolio you will find various examples of our 3D animations. We have much more of them. Would you like to see an example on a specific topic? Please call us: +49 221 94526 82“

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